Assessing the Landscape

eCommerce Marketplace Competitive Dynamics


Distributors and resellers can play an important role on your business but they can also create huge problems for your brand. Among other issues, a messy reseller landscape could cause your eCommerce shoppers to experience:

  • Poor quality and incorrect item content
  • A confusing and difficult shopping experience
  • Expired or otherwise defective products
  • Bad customer service
  • Out-of-compliance pricing


Any of these situations will annoy your most loyal shoppers, squash your sales, and lead to bad reviews. Even though it may be the reseller's "fault," the shopper will ultimately blame your brand.


The first step in fixing the problem is to understand it. With our Reseller360 analysis, Bold Retail will provide you an accurate picture of the situation on and and recommend strategies for bringing it under control. We can also help you track your progress month-to-month.


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