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4 Modes of eCommerce Leadership

Leaders from a wide range of disciplines continue to migrate into the eCommerce sector. Over 300,000 eCommerce positions have been added over the past decade. New leadership positions vary dramatically in scope drawing to differing degrees on traditional IT, Supply Chain,…

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Bold Retail: Why Are We Here?

The biggest story in retail may not be what you think... A little over 400 years ago, the buy and sell model of retail began to replace the open air market. In this new business model, "stores" selected products, bought them in…

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A Second Look at Third Party Selling

For many mid to large sized branded goods companies today, "third party" eCommerce marketplaces are a headache. They are messy, unpredictable, disruptive, and complicated. After focusing the last few years on learning their inner-workings, however, I’ve come to believe that…

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10 Employee Recognition Mistakes to Avoid

Has your employer ever surprised you to show his or her appreciation? If so, you probably already know that employee recognition that works can do wonders for your business. Short and long term benefits include: Reduced turnover rate Boosted morale…

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Motivating Millennials – Driving Employee Engagement

  According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, businesses with higher employee satisfaction rates have much higher customer satisfaction, profit, and productivity rates. It’s no secret that companies hoping to gain a competitive edge should focus on employee…

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5 Reasons That Positivity = Profits

  • April 16, 2017
  • News

  Positivity equals productivity and productivity equals profits... As a leader, are you creating positivity or negativity in your workplace? Are you sure? Take the time to ask a few of your colleagues whether or not they agree. Positivity at…

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