Transform Your Amazon Sales in <45 Days

No matter what you think of Amazon personally, the importance of the online retailer’s selling platform is hard to deny. Amazon’s ability to help your brand reach a broad audience nationally and even globally is unrivaled. In fact, brands you may have never seen before on the physical shelf are establishing themselves every day on the platform and reaching 7 and 8-figure sales faster than what has ever been possible.

But if you’re expecting overnight sales increases the moment your items go online, think again. With over 6 million competing sellers, winning the shopper's attention is really tough. In order to grow profitably, you'll need to implement solid portfolio, marketing, and sales strategies. The road to success is difficult but it doesn't need to be long!

Here are six steps that you can take to improve your Amazon sales in 90 days or less...

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Battle Lines: Walmart and Amazon

This week, the ongoing war between Walmart and Amazon "went nuclear." Walmart, in response to Amazon's previous announcement of 1-day Prime shipping, committed to their own launch of free 1-day shipping. While initially limited to select markets, the retailer confirmed intent to reach 75% of the US population this year. While both announcements stunned industry analysts, this battle is only the latest in an ongoing war between the titans.

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Amazon Business - Is It Right for You?

With over half the US consumer eCommerce market, Amazon knows how to engage shoppers online as well as any other retailer. In 2015, they launched "Amazon Business" with the intent of translating that success into a major B2B win. The retailer now claims nearly $10 billion in global B2B sales annually and that 55 of the US Fortune 100 shop there. But is Amazon Business right for YOUR business? Let's have a look...

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A Second Look at Third Party Selling

For many mid to large sized branded goods companies today, “third party” eCommerce marketplaces are a headache. They are messy, unpredictable, disruptive, and complicated. After focusing the last few years on learning their inner-workings, however, we’ve come to believe that marketplaces have a much bigger role to play for both big and small brands alike – especially as continues to limit participation in its Vendor program.

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Product Reviews: Taking the High Road

 As any eCommerce seller knows, reviews will make or break your product sales. In addition to providing useful information to shoppers, they also directly influence how you appear in search. Poor or insufficient reviews won't just make you look bad - they'll make you invisible! The pressure to win encourages unscrupulous black hat review tactics but you can still win by taking the "high road"... Here's how!

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