What The Changes at Jet.com Mean for You

Yesterday, Walmart dropped a bombshell when they announced that they would be consolidating Jet.com and Walmart.com operations. As part of the consolidation, several major changes were announced within the company's management including the elimination of the Jet division's president role held by executive Simon Belsham and the reassignment of other executives.

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Retail Recon: Shampoo & Conditioner

For the 2nd installment of Retail Recon, we’ve taken a plunge into a category with a rich history and plenty of sophisticated competition: Hair Care. Let’s take a look at who’s winning, how they're winning, and what we can learn about eCommerce from their examples.

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Growing Your eCommerce the Shark Tank Way

eCommerce has made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to reach national and even global audiences. That's why so many Shark Tank candidates have chosen to focus there first. After 10 seasons, hundreds of companies have come through the tank and, collectively, they've taught us a lot about what it takes to succeed. Here are some of the top Shark Tank eCommerce lessons that can help you to grow your business...

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Amazon's Vendorpocalypse: Insight & Action

You may have seen articles over the past couple of days like the one on Bloomberg titled "Amazon Is Poised to Unleash a Long-Feared Purge of Small Suppliers" (link). We've received many questions about this and wanted to provide some perspective about what this all means.

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Transform Your Amazon Sales in <45 Days

No matter what you think of Amazon personally, the importance of the online retailer’s selling platform is hard to deny. Amazon’s ability to help your brand reach a broad audience nationally and even globally is unrivaled. In fact, brands you may have never seen before on the physical shelf are establishing themselves every day on the platform and reaching 7 and 8-figure sales faster than what has ever been possible.

But if you’re expecting overnight sales increases the moment your items go online, think again. With over 6 million competing sellers, winning the shopper's attention is really tough. In order to grow profitably, you'll need to implement solid portfolio, marketing, and sales strategies. The road to success is difficult but it doesn't need to be long!

Here are six steps that you can take to improve your Amazon sales in 90 days or less...

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