We're so glad to welcome Amanda Ashley to the team! Amanda's an experienced content and social media marketer with experience in real estate, news organizations, and more.

In her new role as Sr. Director of Client Growth, Amanda's going to lead strategic relationships and plans with Bold Retail client brands. She'll also lead work to cultivate relationships with complementary agencies that can provide value to our clients.

We asked Amanda some questions so you could get to know her better...


What's your home town?

Joplin, MO

Why did you decide to join Bold Retail?

I was ready to transition away from local business marketing and PR. Bold Retail had the most exciting job description of all the listings I saw.

What's the first thing you ever bought on Amazon? What does that say about you?

I was a little late to Amazon - I bought my first items in 2012. I bought Christmas presents - a bunch of beard care supplies for my husband and some kitchen gadgets for my brother in law. So what these purchases say about me is that…I buy Christmas presents for people?

What's your favorite book?

Not sure I have a very favorite book. I can say which books I’ve read over and over. Fiction: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Non-fiction: Bossypants.

What's your favorite place?

I like to think of my 30 min morning commute as my relaxing moment of the day. I listen to podcasts, drink my coffee and get geared up for the day.

"I'm happiest when I'm…”

...With my kids and husband and we’re exploring something new like a park, trail, museum or visiting a new place.

"People would be surprised to know that I…”

...Played drums in high school. Not like “cool” drums - I played snare in marching band and tympani in concert band. I can tune a tympani.

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